How to make: Dirk glasses!!
Hi ! Just here to say that your cosplay is amazing *^* And your dance to all the single ladies, well, I’ve never laugh so hard xD So I was just wondering, if you have time, can you please tell me how you made Dirk’s glasses ? Have a nice day ! :3
AAAAAAAAAAaaaaa thank you so much!!!! And sure, I always have time for my followers! (Or not followers I’m always happy to help out :P )
Now, how to make my Dirk glasses!
My Dirk glasses were actually made by the terrible awful really quite amazing supersmalls aka Astra!! 
The way that we were planning to do it was for me to buy a black, plastic clipboard, and they were going to cut the shape out of it with a saw.
However, time was short, so I instead bought a clear plastic clipboard, and Astra did the same thing to cut the shape out (all at once; not two sides), then used glass stain (paint for glass, available at most art stores I believe) to paint them!
This was supposed to allow them to be see through. It didn’t really work out, I can’t see much! But I still manage (: 
After that, Astra used a hot glue gun to glue an entire pair of glasses to the now cut out shape (so the lenses are now glued to the wrong side of them). This means that it is guaranteed to sit straight!
Hope this was helpful, let me know if there is something you don’t quite understand!! <33
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